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I always hate having to write About Me pages or short biographies. I understand the importance, but how can someone represent themselves well in a couple of paragraphs, or explain a concept or reason for doing something. I'm not sure, but I'll give it my best shot.


In May I will graduate from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Communication Design (synonymous with Graphic Arts). I have always lived in Louisiana, though I wouldn’t mind trying out some other places, and I have always been into art.


Despite what many people stereotypically think of Louisiana I do not live on a bayou, I have never had a pet alligator, and I do have all of my teeth.


Art plays a major role in my life. If I don’t do some sort of art or design I start to get antsy and distracted, it’s something that I have to do.


Whether by complete coincidence or great forethought, my parents names me Caleb Stephen Sylvest (#CSS).


In August I will be marrying Haley Frautschi, my best friend and fellow designer.


I enjoy listening to and writing music, board games, foosball, graphic novels, and orange Gatorade.